Roosevelt neighborhood asks for increased security at Hance Park

Japanese Garden, Margaret T. Hance Park[Source: Andie Abkarian, Roosevelt Action Association] — As part of City of Phoenix budget cuts, the Parks Department has eliminated security in downtown’s Margaret T. Hance Park.  Out of $13,500,000 cut from the Parks budget, the Parks Department chose to eliminate overnight park security at Hance Park for an estimated cost savings of $50,000.  The neighborhood was told that the Police Department will monitor security at the park as part of their regular patrol, but neighbors are concerned that (1) Phoenix police officers are already overwhelmed with regular patrols and (2) there is no way Phoenix police officers can adequately keep the park safe without dedicated foot patrols into the depths of the park throughout the night.

The Roosevelt Action Association asks interested persons to ASAP call and/or e-mail the following representatives requesting an immediate reversal of this decision.  On May 20, RAA representatives will meet with city staff.

For more information on what you can do to help or for more details on the buget cut, send an e-mail or call Andie Abkarian (480-600-8826), Catrina Knobel (480-579-2998), or Mike Hall (602-258-6048).

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