Metro Phoenix parks and open space subject of two studies

Papago Park, Phoenix[Source: Project for Livable Communities] — Valley Forward is promoting “The Valley’s Pedestrian Freeway: A Priceless Necklace of Trails and Gems” on its website. Although there are numerous gaps in the route, Valley Forward envisions “a ring of trails, circling the Valley, connecting parks, riparian corridors, recreational facilities, and desert landscapes.” You can learn more about the trails system and how you can help to close the gaps, plus find trails that you can enjoy today.

In addition, an in-depth look is taken by Randy Virgen in the article, “The Challenge of Providing Parks and Recreation Services in a Fast Growing Metropolitan Area,” of the 2008 Arizona Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan. “Parks, open space, and recreation opportunities are central to our quality of life and serve as important economic drivers for tourism and other economic sectors. But the fact is that our parks and recreation services are at a crossroads: They can no longer keep up with the demands by Greater Phoenix’s growing population.” Click here to read the complete article, which appeared in the February 2008 APRA Magazine.

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