Plans revised for downtown ASU nursing building

[Source: Jahna Berry, Arizona Republic] — It’s not on the books yet, but a plan to make downtown Phoenix an oasis of shade and inviting streets is already packing a punch.  The first hit: Arizona State University’s $30 million expansion of the College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation.  Phoenix and ASU are sharing the cost of the building. Neighborhood and business leaders complained that early drawings showed a five-story building had little shade, a blank wall and a design that “turned its back” on the street.  Because it sits at Fillmore and Third streets, the building should look like a “gateway” into the campus, they argued. 

After a week of pressure, ASU is retooling the outside of the building.  The city plans to break ground in March.  “They want us to be a leader of good design,” said Ron McCoy, the university architect overseeing the project. ” This got a lot more attention because of the draft and pending adoption of the Urban Form Project, which does a lot of things that we agree with.”  [Note: To read the full article, click here. To read Richard deUriarte’s “Quick Hit” on the matter, click here.  To read Kathleen Ingley’s “Quick Hit” on the matter, click here.]

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