Downtown Voices statement on Patriots Square Park

Mayor Gordon and Members of Council:

Downtown Voices Coalition supports the guiding principles established by the Parks and Recreation Board with its recommendations to the Phoenix City Council regarding the usage, designation, citizen input, and assignment of oversight to the future development of Patriots Square Park.

The key principle is that the contiguous space of two acres be included in the project so that crowds of 10,000 or more can gather for events, rallies, and other public functions.  Though the number of people who can attend events may be an arbitrary figure, the acreage is not.  By having the minimum of two acres contiguous, a true park at the City’s center address can be achieved.

We applaud Red Development for agreeing with our position that the park redevelopment process must begin with a clean piece of paper and not a series of artist concepts rendered without citizen input.  Mayor, if you and the City Council wish this to be a true City park, you should also concur that the process begins with the needs and desires of the City’s residents.

We trust you will follow our Parks and Recreation Board recommendations that will incorporate comprehensive input and ultimately advocate for the citizens of Phoenix.

Steve Weiss, Chair, Downtown Voices Coalition

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