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The 3rd Annual Indian School Corridor Block Party is Nov. 7th

[Source: Indian School Corridor Citywide Coalition]

3rd Annual “Partners in Prosperity” Indian School Corridor Block Party

Co-sponsored by the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) Charities and the Indian School Corridor Citywide Coalition.

Sunday, November 7, 2010 – Noon to 5 pm

The Block Party runs down the middle of Indian School Road between 32nd Street and 38th Street.


Last year’s Block Party attracted 25,000 Phoenicians and raised over $36,000 for Charity. Organizers hope to meet or exceed both of those numbers this year!

The festive street fair atmosphere of the block party will include FREE OF CHARGE:

  • Two separate entertainment stages featuring local musicians
  • A third stage offering varied and creative educational presentations
  • Flea Market
  • Classic Car & Truck Show
  • Over 100 unique shops, vendors, and sponsor exhibits

The 25,000 or more Phoenicians expected this year will have the opportunity to interact with businesses, neighbors, city, and charity partners. Together we can celebrate the twin foundation stones of all prosperity – physical and economic safety – while helping those who need a hand.

The goals of the block party are as follows:

  • To raise money for, and awareness of, the work of the Indian School Corridor Citywide Coalition and that of our charity partners, especially our Co-Sponsor the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) Charities in gratitude to the families of officers that have been wounded or killed in the line of duty; for St. Vincent DePaul, a charity that gives full service support to the homeless; for River of Dreams, a charity that provides people with disabilities recreational opportunities for an increased quality of life; and for the Sheriff’s Youth Assistance Foundation a charity that helps at-risk youth become the leaders of tomorrow by lending them a helping hand today.
  • To promote the existing businesses and re-introduce them to the adjacent neighborhoods, as well as, to introduce new businesses and homeowners to our unique community with the hope that they may relocate here.

Come and enjoy one of the most vibrant events in the city!


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Phoenix’s “New Vision” city council slate unveils Plan 468


Proposed Playa del Sol along the banks of the Rio Salado.

[Source: Scott Wong, Arizona Republic] — Free health care for all Phoenicians.  The creation of a Mexican Riviera-type development along the Rio Salado.  And a new Phoenix energy board to oversee the city’s sustainability efforts.  They are just a few ideas from Plan 468, which the New Vision slate unveiled during a Thursday evening news conference attended by one reporter.

City Council candidates Robert Dennis Johnson (District 4), Nathan Oshop (District 6) and Jon Garrido (District 8), all Democrats, published the six-point strategy online.  “Everybody talks about a comprehensive plan.  We’ve done it,” said Garrido, who is in a three-way race with incumbent Michael Johnson and Darlene Jackson. The plan calls for:

  • Transforming the Rio Salado, or Salt River, into a giant lagoon that would anchor a multi-billion dollar beachfront development called Playa del Sol.  It would serve as a world-class destination, attracting 8 million new tourists to its resorts, golf courses, shops, casino, and Phoenix SeaWorld.
  • Free health care insurance for all Phoenix residents, paid for using $1 billion in casino revenue from the Playa del Sol project.  The only caveat: The proposal relies on Arizona voters to pass an initiative allowing a casino to be built on non-tribal land.
  • Refocusing economic-development efforts from downtown to the Indian School Road Corridor by creating jobs in research and development, light manufacturing, and international trade.  The city would forge business ties with Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Spain.
  • Forming a city energy board charged with reducing the city’s carbon emissions by 30 percent within 10 years, and redeveloping blighted landfills into revenue-generating commercial developments.
  • Widening the reach of city community centers so they serve all segments of the population.
  • Developing urban mixed-use “nodes” where people can work, shop and play.

Even though the slate is being outspent by incumbent candidates, none have put together a more ambitious and complete plan than New Vision, said Robert Dennis Johnson.  “We realize we are outgunned.  This is a David vs. Goliath fight,” he said.  “But what we have, when you look at this, is substantially more than any of our challengers are offering.”  [Note: Read the full blog post at Phoenix’s “New Vision” city council slate unveils Plan 468.]

Promoting “The Road Most Traveled” in Phoenix

The Indian School Road Alliance strives to promote a sense of pride and community along “The Road Most Traveled.”  They’ve created an online database of businesses, parks, government offices, and associations along Indian School Road.  Other website features include area news, community information (such as crime stoppers and graffiti hotline), local business promotions and discounts, and historical photographs. 

For more information or to lend your support, contact Steven Hofmann by e-mail or phone 602-434-2379.