1889 Steinegger Lodge slated for demolition in Downtown Phoenix

According to Preserve Phoenix, Downtown Phoenix may lose another 19th century building, the Steinegger Lodging House, or more commonly known as the Golden West Hotel/Newmans Cocktails, at 27 E. Monroe. The building was constructed in 1889 and was for many years a successful hostel for business travelers. It was expanded in 1911, and went through various expansions and renovations until the facade was covered in stucco as a “modern” update in 1935. By the 1980s, it was an SRO facility until it closed in 2006. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984, but never listed on the Phoenix Historic Property Register due to owner objection at the time. The Phoenix Historic Neighborhoods Coalition listed the building on its enDangered Dozen.

In 2006, it was bought by the first of several investors in the 1931 Professional Building. It now sits in the shadow of the Professional Building/ Hilton Garden Inn, sadly vacant and rapidly deteriorating, partly from vacancy, partly from neglect. The current owners, CSM Lodging from Minneapolis, have filed for demolition. To their credit, they have done extensive investigation into the structural condition and documented the interior floor plan and the few remaining architectural details, It is sadly at the point of collapse.

There is a proposal to dismantle the building and salvage any items of architectural interest. This may be the “best” outcome, albeit a regrettable loss. It will then leave only 48 buildings from the 19th century standing in Phoenix.

There will be a discussion of the building and any final preservation efforts by the Historic Preservation Commission on Monday, June 15, at 4:30 p.m. It is a video meeting. If interested in participating, call the Phoenix Historic Preservation Office at 602-261-8699 or view online options here.

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