4 resources for metro Phoenix restaurant and bar workers unemployed due to coronavirus

Aspen Bingham used to work as a bartender at Josephine in downtown Phoenix. On Tuesday afternoon, however, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego declared a state of emergency, immediately shutting down all bars and requiring restaurants to switch to takeout and delivery at 8 p.m.

Now, like many others in the bar and restaurant industry, Bingham finds herself unemployed. “This was the career path that I chose for myself,” she says. “And now I have lost that career that I am passionate about.”

Since Tuesday, Bingham has taken to social media to share resources for friends in the restaurant and bar industry — and urging others to do the same. She’s calling companies without the financial resources to help their former employees to provide guidance on what to do next and where to find help.

Here are four resources for metro Phoenix restaurant and bar workers to find support during the coronavirus pandemic. 

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