We. Are. Back. Downtown Voices meets on Sat., Aug. 10

WE. ARE. BACK. Join us for the next Downtown Voices Coalition Steering Committee meeting on Saturday, August 10, 2019, 9:30-11:30 a.m., Roosevelt Commons, 825 N. 6th Avenue. Here’s the agenda:

    1. Upcoming events & activities
  2. GENERAL BUSINESS (110 minutes)
    1. Deck Park Vista Apartments in Evans Churchill ~ Cindy Stotler, Phoenix Housing Department (15/15 minutes)
    2. South Hall Convention Center potential redevelopment ~ Chris Mackay, Phoenix Community/Economic Development, and John Chan, Phoenix Convention Center (25/25 minutes)
    3. Grace Lutheran / True North Parking in Evans Churchill ~ Dorina Bustamante, True North Studio, and Nick Wood, Snell & Wilmer (10/10 minutes)
    4. Other ~ All 
  3. DVC BUSINESS (20 minutes) 
    1. 15 Year Anniversary Update/Reschedule to October ~ Jeff
    2. Arts Issues Subcommittee Update ~ Louise Roman and Steve Weiss
    3. Planning/Infrastructure Subcommittee Update ~ Kyle Foxcroft and Nate Sonoskey
    4. Homelessness/Housing Affordability Subcommittee Update ~ Tim Sprague
    5. Other ~ All

Note: For downtown events and activities, visit Phoenix Urban Guide https://phoenixurbanguide.com/calendar/ and Downtown Phoenix Inc.’s Events Calendar http://dtphx.org/calendar/. For a list of community, neighborhood, and city hall meetings, visit DVC’s Downtown Phoenix Advocacy Calendar https://downtownvoices.org/calendar/

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