DVC supports use permits for proposed Greenwood Brewery in Evans Churchill

The Downtown Voices Coalition Steering Committee voted to support three use permits for the proposed Greenwood Brewery to be located along East Roosevelt St. in the Evans Churchill neighborhood. Here is our letter…

One thought on “DVC supports use permits for proposed Greenwood Brewery in Evans Churchill”

  1. Congrats! My only concern is that every restaurant that opens that isn’t part of a multi-story project *does* take away land that could be used for more housing… and more housing is needed to provide ample supply offset increases in housing costs… and higher housing costs mean less disposable income for people to spend at local area businesses. The interesting part of this is that there may now be 4-6x more housing units *west* of Central Avenue than *east* of Central Avenue with all the new projects underway… just as businesses start taking up the land on the east side, the housing starts moving west… always a moving target. I still wish all business owners the best of luck, it’s a tough business… and someone please bring Yakiniku and Ethiopian and a great bakery to this area, I’d really appreciate it… been living here for 30 years now, and I’m starting to get old! ;-)

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