Phoenix Urban Design Week 2018


Phoenix Urban Design Week convenes and engages Phoenicians in making the future of our city. The design of our rules, our built environment, and our culture are essential ingredients of economic growth, sustainability, and community empowerment. We are collaborating to design and build a city we all want to live in. Join us!

Here is a snapshot of the fun PHXUDW panels in the main gallery of monOrchid on Friday, March 16 as part of Art Detour. Free (no cost) to attend:

  • 2:30pm Rising Stars
  • 3:30pm Rad Real Estate Developers
  • 4:30pm Networking Reception
  • 5:30pm Phoenix/Mexico City Arts & Culture Exchange


  • Rising Stars: Nicole Pasteur, Lauren Henschen, Estrella Payton, Connor Descheemaker
  • Rad Real Estate Developers: Cindy Dach, Celine Rille, Ashley Harder, Chuckie Duff, Charlie Levy
  • Phoenix/Mexico City Arts & Culture Exchange: Rodrigo Cervantes, Janielle Penn, Wayne Rainey, Pete Deise, Dorina Bustamante

Link to the full schedule

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