Downtown Voices issues voter “scorecard” for Phoenix mayor’s race

Like all Phoenix residents, the Downtown Voices Coalition Steering Committee is interested in who will be elected as the next mayor and city council. The organization hosted a standing room only mayoral forum at the Lexington Hotel on June 9, 2011. The Arizona Republic covered the event here; likewise the Phoenix New Times here. Taz Loomans, author of the popular Blooming Rock blog, summarized her “tweets” of the forum here. Video of the mayoral forum will be available on this site in the very near future.

Downtown Voices is now issuing a handy one-page “scorecard” to help voters who are especially interested in a vibrant downtown to determine who they might vote for as the next Phoenix Mayor. The group’s guiding principles (and space for other issues) are listed alongside the six certified candidates. Based on your own observations, talking with friends and family, and catching up on the news, you can use the “scorecard” to “check” who aligns most closely with the issues that are important to you. Click the graphic below to review and download the PDF:

Click here to download DVC's 2011 Mayoral Candidate Scorecard

For more information about the upcoming election for Phoenix Mayor and City Council, visit

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