Phoenix Youth Ambassadors Selected for Sister City Visits

[Source: City of Phoenix]

Twenty-one Phoenix high school students were selected as youth ambassadors to travel to Phoenix’s nine sister cities through a summer student exchange program.

The Youth Ambassador Exchange Program, sponsored by Phoenix Sister Cities, offers young people from around the world an opportunity to learn about and experience each other’s cultures.

High school sophomores and juniors are selected on the basis of their communication skills, maturity, flexibility, leadership and self-confidence.  The students live with a host family in their designated sister cities for three weeks during the early summer and then house their host family’s son or daughter when they come to Phoenix in late July.

Here are the 2011 Phoenix youth ambassadors and their sister city destinations:

Calgary Canada

Camille Alexander, Gateway Early College High School
Matdy Friedrich, Sandra Day O’Connor High School

Catania, Italy

Mathew Magro, Mountain Pointe High School
Conrad Sanders, Sandra Day O’Connor High School

Chengdu, China

Alyssa Goya, Pinnacle High School
Lauren Schaecher, Arcadia High School

Ennis, Ireland

Kaitlin Hurley, Sandra Day O’Connor High School
Morgan Marum, Xavier College Preparatory Academy
Jamie Hulsey, Xavier College Preparatory Academy

Grenoble, France

Emily Lierle. North Canyon High School
Jacqueline Shortridge, Xavier College Preparatory Academy

Hermosillo, Mexico

Alexa Foster, Pinnacle High School
Megan McFeely, Shadow Mountain High School

Himeji, Japan

Kayla Grote, Phoenix Christian Unified High School
Frea Mehta, Phoenix Country Day School
Eliza Skidmore, Desert Vista High School
Julian Weinstein, Arcadia High School

Ramat-Gan, Israel

Logan Rader, Greenway High School
Aditya Vijay, Chaparral High School

Taipei, Taiwan

Kelly Mittendorf, Arcadia High School
Zach Webb, Sunnyslope High School

About Phoenix Sister Cities

Since 1988, 509 Phoenix students have participated in the Phoenix Sister Cities Youth Ambassador Exchange Program. The 2011 program is funded through private donations and students’ families.  Phoenix Sister Cities funds half of the airfare between Phoenix and the selected sister city through private funds, while the remaining half is the responsibility of the youth ambassadors and their families. No city tax dollars are used.

For more information, call 480-635-6861 or visit

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