Downtown Phoenix’s Central Station will be temporary closed on Dec. 11

Phoenix’s Central Station, Central Avenue and Van Buren Street, will be temporarily closed to bus and light rail service from 5 to 11 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 11, 2010.  Surrounding streets will be closed to pedestrians and traffic while an airlift for a nearby construction project takes place.

Metro trains will not stop at the platforms at Central Station and local city buses will move to temporary stops.

Light rail riders can board and deboard at the Washington/Central and Jefferson/First Avenue platforms. There is also a possibility of short westbound delays.

Bus passengers can pick up buses at one of three temporary stops:

  • Routes 0 northbound, 1 westbound, 7 northbound, 8 northbound, 10 east bound, and 12 northbound at the northeast corner of Van Buren and Fifth Streets (use the RAPID stop).
  • Routes 1 eastbound, 3 eastbound, 7 southbound, and 15 at the southeast corner of Van Buren and Fifth Streets.
  • Routes 0 southbound, 3 westbound, 8 southbound, and 10 westbound at the northwest corner of Washington and Third Streets.

Transit passengers will not have access to the fare vending machines at Central Station during this time so they must purchase transit passes at other light rail platforms or on board buses.

For other transit information, contact the Valley Metro Customer Service representative at 602-253-5000 or go on-line to


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