Phoenix Historic Neighborhood Coalition meeting Thurs, Oct 21st


Phoenix Elementary School District. #1 1817 N 7th Street

Emerson Court Governing Board Room at Palm Ln parking entrance


Thursday October 21, 2010 7 pm


1. Call to Order/Sign in/Introductions

2. Justin Johnson

  • LD 10 candidate

3. HP office/HP commission updates

  • Whiffen House lost)

4. Ramada Inn Dog Park Endeavor

  • Petition
  • Hearing 11/4 at 12 noon

5. Harry F Pierce House 100th birthday celebration

  • 11/13 @ Salvation Army Complex at 3rd Ave & Fillmore from 11am to 3 pm
  • Other festivities 9 am to 5 pm

6. Reverse Lanes on 7th Ave and 7th St

  • 3 public meetings held.
  • Position?

7. Bashas’ #3, 3320 N 7th Ave,

  • Series 09-off sale all liquor

8. Outreach to other historic districts

9. New draft General Plan?

10. Midtown Phx Light Rail station @ Osborn development typology plan.

11. Nominations for PHNC Board officers (election in November)

12. November 18 meeting:

  • Cancel/change date/DIFFERENT LOCATION!
  • Current room booked from Dec 2010 thru June 2011 on 3rd Thursdays

13. Upcoming events/dates to remember/announcements/future business

a. Sky Harbor Airport’s 75th anniversary this month

b. Kenilworth School’s 90th birthday party Sat 10/23 at 10 am

c. Central United Methodist Church’s 140th anniversary 11/21 (tour 11/13?)

d. Marshall Shore’s Phoenix in a Hurry: Kingston Trio in the Valley, Thurs 11/18, 7pm, Doors open at 6:30, @AZ Hist Soc Museum, $20

e. Encanto Park’s 75th anniversary fundraising gala
(Thanksgiving  weekend details at

f. FQ Story Home tour in December – PHNC table?

g. Tovrea Castle book release date?


And don’t forget to cast your ballot by Nov. 2 (Position paper RE: SB1166-like bills to follow)

PHNC Officers:


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