DVC Letter Regarding Liquor Sales at Central and McDowell CVS

City of Phoenix
City Clerk Department
200 West Washington Street, 1st Floor
Phoenix, Arizona 85003

This is to inform you that the Downtown Voices Coalition Steering Committee has voted to support the Roosevelt and Townsend Park neighborhoods in their opposition to the request by CVS Pharmacy #9347 for a Series 09 liquor license. Additionally, this letter reflects the sentiment of several individual steering committee members who are currently participating in the development of the Hance Park Master Plan.

The sale of packaged liquor at the neighboring CVS location would, we believe, have a negative affect both on Hance Park, as well as on local neighborhoods. We believe that the ready availability of alcohol to the many street people who frequent the park will result in the same kinds of problems associated with public alcohol consumption and inebriation experienced in similar areas frequented by homeless individuals – Townsend and University Parks come to mind. Such problems, in turn, tend to spill over into neighboring communities, creating negative impacts on their quality of life, and resulting in more calls for service from police and other public agencies.

To conclude, we are requesting that the City Council deny the request by CVS Pharmacy #9347 for a Series 09 liquor license. We believe that if awarded it will serve as a detriment to the renewal of Hance Park, as well as have a negative influence on the quality of life in local neighborhoods

Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely yours,

Wm. Timothy Sprague
Vice Chair, Downtown Voices Coalition

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