Viewpoint: The rise of a desert city (Phoenix)

[Source: Marshall Trimble, Special for the Arizona Republic] — “Ask anyone about why Phoenix is here.  Most people can’t answer that. Why do 4 million people live here?” – Michael Crow, Arizona State University president, meeting with The Arizona Republic’s Editorial Board in April

OK, why is Phoenix here?  In fact, what explains the tremendous growth of Phoenix, a desert city, over the past 65 years?  And where is this sprawling, go-go city headed?  We posed those questions to Arizona’s official state historian, Marshall Trimble, and Philip VanderMeer, an ASU historian and authority on Phoenix.

Today, Trimble explores the birth of Phoenix.  Next Sunday, VanderMeer will examine the factors that have contributed to Phoenix’s growth since World War II.  And, on June 14, VanderMeer will look at what the future may hold for the city.  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

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