Urban chickens the latest healthful living trend

[Source: John Faherty, Arizona Republic] — When Kate Wells needs eggs, she does not go to the store or even the refrigerator. She just sends her daughters out to the backyard. The family keeps a coop with four chickens behind its two-story Spanish Revival home in Phoenix’s Coronado neighborhood.  The Wellses are among many families now thinking more about the food they eat.

They want to know where it came from.  They want to be sure it is free of chemicals, pesticides, or hormones involved in production.  They want to decrease the amount of fossil fuel burned to get it to the table.

For the Wells family, and others like it, these concerns are eased by keeping chickens — even in suburban and urban neighborhoods that are miles from the nearest barnyard. There are others, of course, who just want some nice scrambled eggs for breakfast, and nearly everyone agrees that fresh eggs taste better.  “Much better,” Wells said. “The thought of buying a store-bought egg?  I can’t go back.”  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

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