Businessmen launch online fundraising for metro Phoenix’s ailing arts community

[Source: Public News Service] — Taking a cue from the Obama campaign of last fall, two Phoenix businessmen have launched an experimental Web-based fundraising drive for metro Phoenix’s 16 largest arts and cultural organizations. If it works, the campaign goes statewide in the fall.  Bob Delgado, president of Hensley and Company, says motivating young people will be the key. “They understand the importance of the arts. They may not have built up the financial resources to make large donations, but they understand how important it is and they will support the arts. They’ll do it within their means.”

Delgado and Mike Cohn of CFG Business Solutions hope that at least ten percent of the state’s arts supporters, or some 120,000 people, will donate at least ten dollars at the campaign’s Web site.  If the six-week pilot campaign is successful, it’ll be expanded this fall to include 300 organizations statewide.

Delgado says support for arts and culture is vital in helping Arizona to diversify and grow its economy. “When businesses examine whether they want to move to Arizona, there are a number of criteria they study.  They look at tax policy, they look at the education system, but always at the top of the list is arts and culture.” [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

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