Auto branding guru to speak on branding downtown Phoenix

209145-600-0-3[Source: Jan Buchholz, Phoenix Business Journal] — Jim Schroer, former automotive branding guru and now a popular speaker, will deliver the keynote address at the upcoming DREAMR awards to be presented by the Downtown Phoenix Partnership on January 26 at the Sheraton Phoenix.   Speaking from his office in Minneapolis, Schroer said he advocates sustained, enthusiastic branding of downtown Phoenix, an area of about 90 city blocks.  “I speak primarily on the fact that the folks who are responsible for what people experience in downtown Phoenix have a huge opportunity to build a great urban center,” Schroer said.

The core of that urban center experience is firmly in place, he said, pointing to the expanded convention center, the opening of light rail, the downtown campus of Arizona State University, new residential units, and hotels.  He balked at the notion that continued development of downtown will be radically curtailed by the economic downturn and barely breathing credit markets.  “I’m extremely insensitive to that thought. There’s always money for what you care about,” Schroer.  The larger concern, he said, is whether the people who can push forward progress in downtown will come together or go chasing “after their pet projects.”  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

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