Hanny’s reopens as downtown Phoenix restaurant

[Source: Howard Seftel, Arizona Republic] — It took Karl Kopp three years, but the man behind long-running AZ88 has finally opened his downtown spot, Hanny’s.  Hanny’s, old-timers will recall, was downtown Phoenix’s showcase department store for decades, until it closed almost 20 years ago.  The new Hanny’s is at the same address.  Kopp is hoping it will generate the same kind of spirited and spirit-fueled vibe as AZ88, a place, he says, “to eat, meet and talk.”  The late-night hours and wallet-friendly prices, he believes, will encourage downtown dwellers and event-goers to hang out.

The menu is certainly accessible enough.  Appetizers include onion strings ($7), grilled cauliflower ($7.50) and pancetta-wrapped shrimp ($12).  Looking for greenery?  There’s a chopped salad with hard-boiled egg, avocado, hearts of palm and artichokes ($11).  Among the sandwiches are charred pork loin on Italian bread ($8) and a P.A.T. — pancetta, arugula and tomato — on toasted English muffin ($8.50).  Kopp wants you stick around for desserts like tiramisu ($7) and donuts with chocolate sauce ($5).  A variety of cocktails, classic and contemporary, and a well-crafted international wine list are two other inducements to stop in.

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