Phoenix’s hoozdo magazine brings you pancake bunnies

According to the writers/editors of Phoenix’s alternative magazine, hoozdo, “If Phoenix is just about the hottest spot in the U.S. right now, does that make hoozdo the hottest small-format magazine in the country?  We think so.  As the sidewalks melt under your shoes and you start sympathizing with those fast-food patties being carbonized under the grill, hoozdo 5 is here to drop ice-cubes down your neck.”

In hoozdo’s current issue, Sean Bonnette tells you why you should not move to Portland even if your mom is, Larry Jankens gets weirded-out by Pancake Bunnies, Sal Paradise hikes the Chris-town Mall, Steve Patton considers Phoenix when it rains, and Lux Coffee is generally mentioned every chance they get for absolutely no reason.  [And yes, picture me scratching my head, a pancake bunny appears below.]


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