Run-down Phoenix neighborhoods Mayor Gordon may want to visit (Republic column)

[Source: Laurie Roberts, Arizona Republic] — Interesting phenomenon I’ve noticed over the past few days.  A lot of people seem to think Phoenix is a lovely place to live.  They’re giving me a hard time for giving the mayor a hard time for the shabby state of Tom Alexander’s neighborhood.  But here’s the thing I’ve noticed, as they spring to the defense of Phil Gordon and Phoenix in the wake of my Saturday column: Most of them live in Surprise or Chandler or some place other than Phoenix.  Here’s Jim: “Are you actually shocked that this gentleman’s street is not like it once was or as he had hoped it would be 35 years later?” 

No, not shocked, but saddened that a guy like Alexander, a man who went to war for his country and worked hard all his life, must now be ashamed of the street where he lives.  Saddened and surprised that such a thing would occur in the city run by North America’s best mayor.  Surely the pride of the continent would notice that his city has a problem.  And put up a fight.

While it’s great to work on boosting downtown, most people’s views of their city come from the place they live.  Their street.  Their neighborhood.  And frankly, the view isn’t so good in whole sections of this town.  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

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