City touts 1,000 Phoenix neighborhoods

In a press release, the City of Phoenix touted the record number of neighborhood associations, Fight Backs, and other groups registered with its Neighborhood Services Department.  And that magic number would be 1,000!

Neighborhood associations consist mostly of residents who meet regularly to preserve or improve their neighborhoods and to foster civic engagement.  Many neighborhood associations use the opportunity to formalize and list their group with the city as a way to meet and interact with elected officials.  Others spearhead projects that include installing street lights, conducting neighborhood clean ups and graffiti paint outs, creating a neighborhood newsletter or participating in the city’s public input processes.  Neighborhood associations also are eligible for special city resources, such as grants, a free, tool-lending program, and paint to clean graffiti.

For information on how to form and learn about the benefits of creating a neighborhood association, as well as to receive a free copy of the “Neighborhood Association Tool Kit,” call 602-262-7344.

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