Book offers pictorial history of Mexicans in Phoenix

[Source: Beth Litwin, Arizona Republic] — Local author Frank Barrios (pictured at left) and the Phoenix Museum of History invite you to a dinner and book-signing event for his new pictorial history entitled “Mexicans in Phoenix.”  Barrios, a Phoenix native with family roots dating back to the 1800s, compiled 213 photos with captions highlighting the social, cultural and economic history of Mexicans in Phoenix.  “I often refer to the story of Mexican people in Phoenix as the untold story,” said Barrios, adding that the majority of the photos have never been displayed or published before.  The 127-page book features family history and Mexicans photos from the late 1800s through the 1970s.  Barrios gathered many of the photos and stories from interviews with members of pioneer Mexican families in Phoenix while working on the Hispanic Property Survey project last year.

He joined Phoenix Historic Preservation officers and other researchers working on the survey that identified Mexican American properties important to Phoenix’s history.  Barrios agreed to put together the book after the project’s completion.  Among many community involvements, Barrios serves as vice president of the Board of Directors at the Phoenix Museum of History, president of First Families of Arizona, and serves on the state board of the Arizona Historical Society.  For more information, visit the Phoenix Museum of History website.

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