New study reveals Latino market untapped opportunity for Phoenix arts & culture groups

[Source: Maricopa Partnership for Arts and Culture] — Comprising nearly a third of metropolitan Phoenix’s population, Latinos spent approximately $118 million on cultural activities during 2007-2008.  This estimated amount has potential to grow significantly, according to recently completed research by the Maricopa Partnership for Arts and Culture (MPAC).  Entitled “Arts, Culture, and the Latino Audience,” the study conducted by Behavior Research Center (BRC) reveals the vastly untapped potential of this burgeoning market and provides recommendations for local arts and culture organizations to increase Latino attendance.  It is the first in-depth study of Latino arts and culture participation in the Phoenix market and one of the few of any market nationwide.

Three generations of one family“Our research shows a definite interest within the Latino community in arts and culture events and attractions,” says MPAC President and CEO Myra Millinger.  “However, the regional cultural organizations have faced challenges in actually getting this market through the door.”  Research participants indicated about twice the amount of interest in cultural activities as actual attendance.  Although cost often factored into the decision, the participants were more likely to go to an event or attraction if it was perceived as having a casual, family-friendly atmosphere.  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]

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