Hey Phoenix, celebrate Independents Day…and Week

[Source: Kathee Austin, EVLiving] — Governor Janet Napolitano has proclaimed June 30-July 6 to be “Independents Week” for Arizona.  The proclamation coincides with Local First Arizona’s annual celebration of the independently owned, local businesses that are the backbone of a strong economy.  “Small businesses are critical to Arizona’s economy, comprising more than 90 percent of the businesses in our state,” the Governor explained in a statement.  “Whether they cater to neighborhoods, specialty services or other consumer needs, it is clear that these operations serve a vital role in the state’s and local communities’ success.  That is why I proclaimed June 30-July 6 as ‘Independents Week’ — recognizing the considerable contributions small businesses make to the state.”

Wow!  20% off.  Thanks!Local First Arizona, a coalition of more than 1,300 Arizona-based companies, will celebrate Independents Week by helping consumers sample the diverse and rich offering of their members.  The Golden Ticket will provide 20 percent off purchases at close to 50 local businesses, ranging from Wist Office Products to Armoire Home to Uncorked Wine Bar and more.  “Locally owned businesses return more of their resources to our community — through jobs, wages, support for nonprofits and much, much more,” explained Local First executive director Kimber Lanning.  “Independents give us the unique shopping and dining opportunities that make Arizona different from any place else on earth.  They are the Arizona-proud architects, engineers, and insurance providers who are your friends and neighbors.  We are thrilled that the governor has chosen to recognize them and we look forward to helping all Arizonans declare their love for Independents.”  [Note: To read the full article, click here.  For complete details about Independents Week, including your very own Golden Ticket, click here.]

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