9 Phoenix public-art projects OK’d

Arizona Science Center[Source: Casey Newton, Arizona Republic] — Nine new public art projects will come to Phoenix in coming years under the public-art plan passed this week by the City Council.  The 2008-09 Public Art Project Plan includes $30.2 million for 69 art projects to be installed across the city.  Total funding for the new projects is $2.7 million.  The plan “designates a wide variety of projects throughout Phoenix, and includes goals for involving Arizona artists in designing and building key public spaces and infrastructure,” said Phil Jones, executive director of the city’s arts and culture office, in a memo to Council.

New projects approved this year include artwork for historic Phoenix landmarks, art at bus shelters on 67th Avenue, and enhancements to the Highline Canal from 40th Street to Circle K Park at 12th Street.  Ongoing projects include enhancements to the 7th Avenue streetscape, a pedestrian path and bridge at 19th Avenue and Greenway Road, and exterior artwork at the Arizona Science Center.

The plan was developed by the Phoenix Office and Arts and Culture after consulting with city departments, the council, and community organizations, Jones said.  Money for the program comes from an ordinance that dedicates 1% of the cost of Phoenix capital projects to creating public artwork enhancing those projects.

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