As long as macaroni & cheese and beets aren’t on the menu

Local blogger, Edward Jensen, wants to identify all of the cafeterias of various downtown Phoenix buildings.  Besides the Chase Tower Coin Room Café and Phoenix City Hall 10th floor cafeteria, what other cafeterias does downtown have to offer?  If you know of any cafeterias, or would like to stay abreast of what’s going on with Edward’s project, send him an e-mail.

One thought on “As long as macaroni & cheese and beets aren’t on the menu”

  1. Thanks for highlighting this project on your blog. Sam Richard ( and I have been to some local office-tower cafeterias and trust us – mac & cheese and beets are as far removed from the menu as possible. Yesterday I went to the Phoenix City Hall cafeteria on the 10th floor and I had a fantastic 1/4-lb. cheeseburger – with fries – for $3.25!

    I tell you (and your readers) that cafeterias have some darn good food: it’s just finding them that’s the tricky part. These establishments aren’t on the Copper Square guides nor on any Phoenix tourism materials, so that’s why I started this project (with a little help from my friends, if I may borrow from the Beatles).

    Thanks again –

    Edward Jensen

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