Ho radio to go?

City of Phoenix Historic Preservation Office staff recently met with the owners of the Hotel Westward Ho to discuss the possibility of removing the 1949 radio tower from the roof of the building.  The HP Office supports the removal of the tower, and is encouraging the owner to also complete other work to return the building to its historic 1948 appearance.  This would include the removal of 1949 penthouse (north and south) additions, re-activating the rooftop neon signage, and restoring the southern Moorish street entry.  The owners also discussed possible changes to the south and east storefronts to add new retail uses to serve downtown users.  Further analysis of options and costs are underway by the building owner and architectural team.  Because the building’s recent rehabilitation for elderly housing had federal involvement, including a historic preservation tax credit, the scope of work also will require state approvals.

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