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Downtown Phoenix fixture, Circles Discs & Tapes, closing

Circles Discs & Tapes (Photo:

[Source: Tim Vetscher, ABC15 News] — A Valley landmark is going out of business after nearly four decades in downtown Phoenix.  The owners of Circles Discs and Tapes, at the corner of Central Avenue and McKinley, recently announced they’re calling it quits.  “We have people come in all the time and say they’ve been coming here for 30 to 40 years,” said Circles employee Zak Sofaly.  But on Sunday night, less than a week before Christmas, Circles only had one customer from 5 to 6 p.m.  Workers say they’ve had too many nights like that lately.

So after 38 years, the owners have decided to close the doors for good.  “For a lot of people who grew up here, it definitely has a special place in their hearts,” added Sofaly, who is also a drummer in the band, Incite.  “They’re really sad to see it go.”

It seems the popularity of digital downloads proved to be Circles’ downfall. CD sales are a fraction of what they used to be thanks to services like iTunes.  “It’s sad,” said Steve Zimmerman, owner of Revolver Records, just up the street from Circles.  “They were one of the big stores for a long, long time.”

Circles employees say the addition of light rail and an overall down economy was just too much to overcome.  “Being a resident, its really sad,” said Jay Williams.  “The economy has caused a lot of problems.  I thought the light rail would bring people back but I haven’t seen that.”  Circles will remain open until sometime after January 1.  The exact closing date has yet to be determined.  [Note: To read the full article, visit Downtown Phoenix fixture, Circles Discs & Tapes, closing.]