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GERRYMANDERING: The Movie is Coming to the Valley on November 16

While this event isn’t directly related to downtown Pheonix spoecifically, its subject matter affects us all, regardless of where we live.

The Arizona Competitive Districts Coalition is working to expose power politics in Arizona’s decennial redistricting process. Join them for our kickoff event on November 16th featuring Jeff Reichert, acclaimed director of “Gerrymandering.”

Arizona Competitive Districts Coalition and Research Advisory Services, Inc. present:


with special guest: Jeff Reichert, Director of “Gerrymandering” who will do a brief presentation and answer questions about the movie!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 6:30pm

Arizona Historical Society, 1300 North College Avenue. Tempe, AZ  85281

Suggested donation: $10

Limited Seating, so please RSVP today to:

Want more information about the movie?  Visit the GERRYMANDERING Facebook page or

Five Reasons YOU should Gerrymandering, The Movie:

5.  When mapmakers have more of an impact on an election than a campaign or candidate, the system is broken.

4.  Arizona citizens should pick their representatives. They shouldn’t pick us.  Learn the things politicians don’t want you to know about the redistricting process.

3.  “Gerrymandering” will show you how redistricting affects all Arizonans, whether you vote or not.

2.  Think Arizona politics are dysfunctional? Learn how it got this way and what you can do to change it.

1.  “Gerrymandering” is the single most important movie you’ll see this whole year (with apologies to fans of the new Harry Potter movie).

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Immigration Conference at ASU’s Downtown Phoenix Campus on September 30

Grupo Salinas and Azteca America through its non-profit arm Fundacion Azteca America are pleased to present, in conjunction with Arizona State University’s School of Transborder Studies, a groundbreaking conference on immigration entitled “State of Latinos: Truth in Immigration,” to be held in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism’s First Amendment Forum in downtown Phoenix on September 30.

The conference will include an overview of the US-Mexico trans-border world, an examination of the development of US-Mexico immigration laws and an outlook into legalization, regularization and the future of immigration. The event will also include a media panel, coordinated by the Cronkite School, to examine coverage of SB1070 from different perspectives through radio, TV, newspapers and the Internet.

Participants include: Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon; Thomas Saenz, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF); Daniel R. Ortega Jr., National Council of La Raza (NCLR); Dr. Carlos Velez-Ibanez, School of Transborder Studies, ASU; Evelyn Cruz, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, ASU; Francisco Lara Valencia, School of Transborder Studies, ASU; Armando Guzman, Azteca America Maritza; Lizeth Gallego Felix, Prensa Hispana; Maria Barquin, Radio La Campesina;  Richard Ruelas, Arizona Republic; Angel Rodriguez,

“We are pleased to engage the issues of immigration from an informed point of view that will help the greater public to attain a better understanding of the complexities of the subject,” said Dr. Carlos Velez-Ibanez, Director of the School of Transborder Studies.

“Our national debate on immigration policy and on the enforcement of immigration laws needs an infusion of greater factual accuracy and a commitment to carefully informed deliberation,” said Thomas Saenz, President and General Counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF). “Conferences like this one will help to reduce the amount of policymaking that is based on political posturing and pandering to fear and intolerance.”

“State of Latinos: Truth in Immigration” is a one of several initiatives supported by Fundacion Azteca America to foment dialog regarding comprehensive immigration reform.

A poster and schedule can be found HERE (pdf)

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Arizona among the leanest states

[Source: Strange Maps] — Thankfully Arizona is not #1 in this ranking: the fattest states in the Union.   Now step away from your computer and give me ten push-ups!  Go, go, go, go, go!

Neurotic in New York seeks orderly in Arizona: Personality study of people in the USA by state

Personality study of people in the USA by state.[Source:] — The personalities of people in the USA often differ according to the state in which they live, a new study led by Cambridge University has revealed.  Researchers used the results from more than half a million online surveys to create a “personality map” of the United States, showing that different types of people are more likely to live and flourish in different parts of the country.  The research team found “striking” wider geographical trends, such as a national “stress belt” dividing the more anxious and impulsive eastern USA from the comparatively relaxed west.  They also identified strong links between personality traits and certain social phenomena, such as crime and life expectancy rates.

The study is the first analysis of its kind and was led by Dr. Jason Rentfrow.  “Although these are preliminary findings and require more evaluation, they did throw up some striking geographical trends,” Dr. Rentfrow said.  “Obviously it’s not as simple as saying that a person is guaranteed to be more anxious if they come from West Virginia or more religious because they happen to live in New Mexico; but we did find pretty clear signs that there are meaningful differences in the personalities of people living in different areas of the United States.

Among the key findings (summarized below), Arizona ranked high in Conscientiousness and low Neuroticism:

EXTRAVERSION (Personality traits: Sociable, energetic, and enthusiastic)

  • High-scoring states: ND, DC, NE, MN, GA, SD, UT, IL, FL
  • Low-scoring states: VT, WA, AK, NH, MD, ID, VA, OR, MT, MA

AGREEABLENESS (Personality traits: Warm, compassionate, co-operative, and friendly)

  • Highest-scoring states: ND, MN MS, UT, WI, TN, NC, GA, OK, NE
  • Lowest-scoring states: NY, NV, WY, DC, AK, ME, RI, VA, CT, MT

CONSCIENTIOUSNESS (Personality traits: Dutiful, responsible, self-disciplined)

  • Highest-scoring states: NM, NC, GA, UT, KS, OK, NE, FL, AZ, MO
  • Lowest-scoring states: WY, RI, HI, ME, AK, CT, NJ, NH, MA, NY

NEUROTICISM (Personality traits: Anxious, stressful and impulsive)

  • Highest-scoring states: WV, RI, NY, MS, NJ, PA, KY, LA, OH, AR
  • Lowest-scoring states: AK, OR, SD, CO, UT, WA, AZ, NE, ND, NV

OPENNESS (Personality traits: Curious, intellectual, creative)

  • Highest-scoring states: DC, NY, OR, MA, WA, CA, VT, CO, NV, MD
  • Lowest-scoring states: WI, AL, AK, WY, ND, HI, KY, NE, IA, DE