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Panel told not to post about Downtown Phoenix Dog Park online

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Phoenix city staff have told a 73-member committee charged with finding a location for a new dog park that they can’t discuss their meetings and opinions on blogs and social networks such as Twitter, a warning that some attorneys believe is a violation of free speech.

Phoenix staffers issued the directive this month, saying blogging or tweeting could violate the state’s public-meetings laws.

At least one member of the Ad Hoc Dog Park Committee, Sean Sweat, balked at the warning because he believes it’s a matter of free speech.

Sweat, who lives in downtown at St. Croix Villas and blogs about downtown issues, said city staff made similar warnings at the committee’s first meeting on Dec. 14.

The committee must suggest a new dog-park site in or near the downtown area by Jan. 31. The site must be inexpensive to develop and maintain. Most members are volunteers who live in neighborhoods in and around downtown Phoenix.

Phoenix’s open-meetings coordinator, Joey Casto, responded to Sweat with a letter on Dec. 16 warning that blogs and other online statements could prompt committee members to comment online and have a discussion outside of public view.

If enough members commented, there could be an informal quorum, which would be illegal because the discussion would be taking place outside of public view, Casto wrote.  “The city strongly discourages board members from having any discussions with each other about board business outside of their publicly posted meetings,” he wrote.

Given the committee’s size, the risk of a quorum appearing online is slim. With 73 members so far and a maximum membership of 80, it’s the largest committee in the city and would need more than 37 members online to constitute a quorum.

Two attorneys consulted by The Arizona Republic read the letter and said the city is going overboard on its interpretation of the state’s open-meeting law. They said it verges on infringement of Sweat’s First Amendment right of free speech.  “What the city is doing here is it is essentially squashing this member’s free-speech rights because some other members might post comments,” said Mike Liburdi, a Phoenix attorney speaking for the Arizona First Amendment Coalition. “There’s a lot of less intrusive ways of dealing with this that don’t infringe on his First Amendment rights.”

Liburdi said city staff could have asked Sweat to disable the comment capabilities on his blog, but even then, their warning is extreme. “I think they’re impermissibly chilling Mr. Sweat’s First Amendment rights based on this hypothetical concern that some other members may post replies,” he added.

Paul Bender, an attorney who teaches U.S. and Arizona constitutional-law courses at Arizona State University, said he would have thought that city staff would encourage a public blog because it is transparent, providing public information.  “My reaction to (Casto’s) letter is if the blog is open to the public, I don’t think it would violate the open-meeting law,” he said. “The spirit of the open-meeting law is that the committee is not supposed to be getting together in private.”

City Council members routinely send out newsletters telling their constituents about their positions on issues that the council hasn’t voted on.

Casto said he has not heard of any effort to tell them to stop doing so. He also said he didn’t mean to infringe on Sweat’s freedom of speech.  “We were definitely not trying to squash his First Amendment rights,” said Casto, who had consulted the city’s Law Department before sending Sweat the letter. “We tried to make sure that . . . the blog or e-mail is not used to circumvent open-meeting law.”

Three-fourths of the committee must agree on the site for the new dog park. The next meeting is Jan. 6 at 6 p.m.


District 4 Town Hall, October 13th

The District 4 Town Hall will be held on Wednesday, October 13th at 6:00pm at the Community Church of Hope.  The church is located at 4121 North 7th Ave (on the east side 7th Ave just north of Indian School Rd – map).  Entrance and parking are on 6th Dr.

Join Councilman Simplot with your questions, concerns and ideas about District 4.  City staff from Police, Neighborhood Services, Public Works and other city departments will also be in attendance.

For more information, please contact the Council District 4 office at 602.262.7447 or


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City of Phoenix is hosting a Public Hearing on the 2011-2012 Annual Action Plan

The City of Phoenix is conducting a public meeting to gather comments and input in preparation of the 2011-2012 Annual Action Plan component of the Consolidated Plan.

Your help is needed to identify community needs and programs to address these needs through federally-funded programs. Examples of ongoing city programs include housing rehab, homelessness, small business assistance, blight elimination, neighborhood revitalization, infrastructure, child care, job training, senior services, infill housing, homeownership, fair housing, special needs services and supportive housing.

The 2011-2012 Annual Action Plan is the one year plan that is prepared to show the use of:

Come share your ideas on needs and programs


DATE: September 21, 2010

TIME: 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

PLACE: Phoenix City Hall, Assembly Room A, 200 West Washington, PhoenixAZ (map)

If you cannot attend the meeting, you are invited to call in your comments to our hotline at 602-256-3302 or via e:mail at For further information, please call Rachel Milne at (602) 262-7369.

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Bicycle Boulevard Neighborhood Meeting THURSDAY!

Sorry for the extremely short notice, but the DVC has caught wind that there will be a City of Phoenix hosted ‘bicycle boulevard’ neighborhood meeting tomorrow (THURSDAY) at City Hall in downtown Phoenix.

Come out and participate in this neighborhood meeting with the City to work on a new bicycle lane and path project in Phoenix that will connect the Phoenix Public Market with Gateway Community College and the 15th Avenue bike lane.

Please help spread the word to others who’d like to attend!


Date: September 16, 2010

Time: 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Location: 200 W. Washington St. 1st Floor, Assembly Room A (map)

There is a Facebook invite HERE.

(Thanks to Taz Loomans at Blooming Rock for the heads up!)

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