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How We Rebuild Neighborhoods After Foreclosures Explored by @ThePublicSquare

Zócalo Public Square foreclosure event PhoenixWhile the foreclosure crisis is starting to ease across Arizona and the country, neighborhoods still must reckon with the damage.

In what looks to be a great program, Zócalo Public Square and Arizona State University host an event on Monday, February 11, at the Heard Museum. The 6:30 pm event brings together a talented panel:

  • Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis economist William R. Emmons
  • Arizona State University geographer Deirdre Pfeiffer
  • Mortgage Resolution Partners CEO Graham Williams

The moderator will be Fernanda Santos, Phoenix Bureau Chief for the New York Times.

More information is here.

Zocalo Public Square February 11 event Foreclosures LOGO

Aaron Kimberlin’s ‘Willo Wonder’ Gets National Attention

Aaron’s Distinctive Guest House

Each year, the  home design website Apartment Therapy invites readers from around the world to submit photos of their beautiful small spaces under 1000 square feet. This year, Phoenix architect (and DVC friend), Aaron Kimberlin‘s 416 sf. Willo guest house (where he lives) was accepted in the Tiny (sub 600 sq.ft.) category of Apartment Therapy’s 7th Annual Smallest Coolest Home Contest.

Small Cool Phoenix—Aaron's Willow Wonder 1

Here’s what Aaron had to say in his entry:

What I Love About My Home

I love the fact that even though my guest house is only a little over 400 square feet, I was able to maximize the space into 5 distinct useable areas that really contribute to the design of the space as a whole.

Biggest Challenge in Furnishing My Home

Finding pieces that complemented each other color and design wise.

Please got to the Apartment Therapy site and vote for Aaron’s ‘Willo Wonder!” It would be great to prove to the world that within our sprawling metropolis there are some small cool oases.

Small Cool Phoenix—Aaron's Willow Wonder 2

Small Cool Phoenix—Aaron's Willow Wonder 3

Small Cool Phoenix—Aaron's Willow Wonder 4

Small Cool Phoenix—Aaron's Willow Wonder 5

Small Cool Phoenix—Aaron's Willow Wonder 6

Phoenix to get $39 million to stabilize housing market

[Source: Eric English, ABC News 15] — Cassia Vaughn has spent the last decade living in the historic Willo neighborhood in [midtown] Phoenix.  The last couple years have seen home prices drop and foreclosures rise as the Valley housing market spirals to all-time lows.  A new program about to get underway soon may help more than just her neighborhood bounce back.  “Oh, I love it,” Vaughn said.  “It’s wonderful news, especially because of my children.  They are looking to buy their first home.  It’s a blessing.  I am really happy.”

The City of Phoenix is set to receive part of a $4 billion federal housing housing and recovery program.  The city could receive more than $39 million to buy foreclosed and abandoned homes to help stabilize neighborhoods. Neighborhood Services’ Kate Kreitor explained, “We’re really hoping to make an impact on the homes that have become vacant and blighted in the harder hit neighborhoods of our community.”

Kreitor said the idea is to buy the empty homes from banks at low prices, then offer them to qualified residents.  She said the program will help new buyers take advantage of low prices, and help property values bounce back. “We are excited about the program, and hope to address some homes in neighborhoods that will really be visible and make a big difference,” Kreitor said.

That’s good news for the Vaughns as they hope to whether the tough times. “We really appreciate the fact that the city would try to preserve this beautiful area,”Vaughn said. “We really appreciate the efforts.”