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Cancer hospital moving to Gilbert (not downtown Phoenix)

Banner Gateway Medical Center, Gilbert, AZ

[Source: The Associated Press] — Banner Health has announced a partnership with the Houston-based M.D. Anderson Cancer Center to create a new hospital and outpatient-treatment center in Gilbert.  The proposed $90 million center would be built on the campus of Banner’s Gateway Medical Center and is scheduled for a late 2011 opening.  Banner Chief Executive Officer Peter Fine said Banner considered several health-care partners and decided it had similar goals with M.D. Anderson.

The deal also means that Banner will no longer pursue plans to build a cancer hospital in downtown Phoenix. Banner had discussed with the University of Arizona the possibility of developing a downtown teaching hospital and cancer hospital that would anchor the Phoenix Biomedical Campus.  However, those talks ended months ago.

Houston, Arizona facilities may begin cancer center for Valley

[Source: Kate Nolan, Arizona Republic] — A major Houston cancer center may collaborate with Arizona’s largest health-care provider on cancer care in Phoenix.  According to sources from both institutions, University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and Banner Health are in talks that may lead to a comprehensive cancer center downtown.  The Valley already boasts branches of two major cancer clinics in Scottsdale, the Arizona Cancer Center (based in Tucson) and the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center (based in Rochester, Minn.).

Like M.D. Anderson, they are among the 39 elite comprehensive cancer centers funded by the National Cancer Institute.  In all, the NCI funds 62 cancer centers.  Plans for a full-scale downtown Phoenix cancer center have been in the works before.  A proposed collaboration between Arizona Cancer Center, Maricopa Medical Center, Scottsdale Healthcare, Banner Health, and others for a downtown facility in conjunction with the University of Arizona College of Medicine never got past the talking stage.  Later talks between the Arizona Cancer Center and Banner Health ended last year without an agreement.  [Note: To read the full article, click here.]