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RadiatePhx event at The Lost Leaf, June 30

radiatephx[Source: Catrina Knoebl, RadiatePHX] — Join RadiatePHX in celebration of National Independents Week, June 29 through July 5.  Celebrating with us will be Local First Arizona Director, Kimber Lanning. She’ll be our guide to the week and share how we can continue to support the cause by tapping into Local First’s directory, Golden Coupons, and more.

  • Date: Tuesday, June 30
  • Time: 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.; panel discussion will start a little after 6 p.m.
  • Place: The Lost Leaf, 914 N. 5th Street, Phoenix, AZ

Radiators will also receive $1 off the 8 p.m. Tuesday evening showing of documentary film “Malls R Us” at Modified Arts, 407 E. Roosevelt St.

Then make a night of it!  We will be gathering at The Lost Leaf for beverage refreshment so everyone can head out afterward and visit nearby independent restaurants in our own downtown.  You will be invited to forward your own brief restaurant review (“We had a terrific burger and the best margaritas!”) by the end of Independents Week and they will be posted on the RadiatePhoenix site and on for all to see.

Click here to RSVP.  For more information about RadiatePHX, click here.

“Ambassador” who doesn’t “conspire” against downtown Phoenix

outside[Source: “The Beta on Downtown Phoenix,” A Change in the Wind blog] — While visiting Phoenix recently, learned a useful new phrase — “the beta.”  Learned it from the proprietor at Conspire, a very cool coffeeshop-arthouse-neighborhood collective said to have the best coffee in town. Conspire was once an ordinary house, but has become a 21st-century hang-out.  The Americano-style coffee is absolutely superb, perhaps the best I’ve ever had, and the chatter is spiky and upbeat.

I told the bright-eyed proprietor that his place was changing my opinion of Phoenix, which I imagined (based on the drive in to town) as “this monster city where everyone drove an Escalade.”  A cruel over-generalization, obviously, but he took it in stride, admitted there was some truth to it, but said that his work/live neighborhood of galleries, restaurants, and such was different, and offered me “the beta” on where to go in what is known as the “Artisan Village.”  [Note: To read the full blog entry, click here.  If you don’t understand the title of this blog entry, click here.]