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Statement on Arizona Senate Bill 1062

DVC new logo with wordsPHOENIX, ARIZONA (20 February 2014) — Downtown Voices Coalition issued this statement regarding Arizona Senate Bill 1062 and has relayed it to Arizona Governor Janice K. Brewer:

“Downtown Voices Coalition, a grassroots group of downtown Phoenix stakeholders, is troubled by the Arizona State Senate passing SB 1062, a bill that promotes discrimination against the LGBTQ community in our state.  We urge the Arizona House of Representatives to vote against its passage and we urge Governor Jan Brewer to veto it should it get to her desk.  In 2013, the City of Phoenix passed an LGBTQ non-discrimination ordinance and the ill effects that were promised to befall Phoenix should equality be law did not happen.

For Arizona state legislators and elected officials who need added reason to vote in favor of human rights, stopping this legislation makes economic sense.  In the past few years, our state has paid a huge economic price by aligning itself with discriminatory sentiments.  A vote against fairness would send an economic message to companies large and small that Arizona continues to approve of discrimination.  In that case, most companies will opt for better, both for themselves and for their employees.

Finally, we should be skeptical of vague arguments that allow for discrimination will help small business.  The businesspeople we know oppose discrimination.  There has never been a step forward in human rights that has harmed those businesses.  Making available to everyone all of the bus seats, and all of the lunch counters, and all of the hotel rooms has always aided business.  Claims to the contrary are nothing but a disturbing nostalgia for a biased past.”

Media Contact: Tim Eigo, Chair / Steering Committee (