More materials added to Phoenix’s recycling program

[Source: City of Phoenix] — Celebrating its 20th anniversary, the city’s Phoenix Recycles program is one of the first and largest commingled recycling programs in the nation.  More than a million tons of recyclables have been collected and processed since the program began in 1989.

As part of that celebration, Phoenix Recycles announced the addition of several items as acceptable in blue recycling containers.

  1. All hard plastic containers 1-7 with the exception of number 6 foam and plastic bags.  (Remember that plastic bags can be taken to any Bag Central Station location at your local grocery store.)
  2. Beverage and frozen food boxes (wet strength paperboard)
  3. Shredded paper must be in a tied, clear plastic bag so sorters can identify the materials.

For more information on the Phoenix Recycles program, contact the city of Phoenix Public Works Department at 602-495-2441.

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